Salford & Manchester Award Winning

Doctor Of Chiropractic

Dr Lindsay Beardsworth

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Salford & Manchester Award Winning

Doctor Of Chiropractic

Dr Lindsay Beardsworth

Get 50 % Off your First Appointment

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Watch My 60 Second Introduction Video

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Conditions I Treat
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Back Pain

Back pain affects 48% Of Briton’s, it is one of the most common conditions which Chiropractors successfully treat

Neck Pain

This is the second most common complaint Chiropractors see in practice. It may originate from a trauma or even postural strain.

Shoulder Pain

Chiropractors are often consulted with patients suffering with shoulder pain.

Slipped Disc

This issue can vary from mild to severe pain,with or without leg pain.

Pregnancy Back Pain

Many women use Chiropractic as part of their prenatal care as it is safe, gentle and drug free.


This occurs when the head and neck are forced backwards and forwards in close succession. Often following a car accident or fall. It is a common issues chiropractors successfully treat


This refers to leg pain, originating from the back. There are many causes of sciatica.

Infantile Colic

Lindsay is doing research into the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment for infantile colic, following the findings of the recent Scandinavian trials.

Sports Injury

Chiropractors are consulted daily from sportspersons wth various injuries.

Headache / Migraine

Headaches originating from the neck are the most common cause of headaches in adults.

Arm Pain

Arm pain commonly originates from the nerves at the base of the neck which supply this part of the body.

Pins & Needles

This is often associated with nerve irritation or compression which we are able to determine during examination. It is a common issue we see daily

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Home Calls
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Please feel free to contact me to discuss a home visit.

What My Lovely Patients Have To Say

Great service, friendly and knowledgable. Lindsay is such a warm and friendly professional. 100% Recommend

Jeanette Worsley

Lindsay is the best Chiropractor I have seen, I always recommend her to family and friends
Alan Lyons

First class service! I was seen by Lindsay Beardsworth for a lower back pain. I was better within 2 sessions. One less than she said it may take! So all in all worth every penny. I am self employed so every day off work is money lost. Thanks!!

James Green

Cannot rate Lindsay high enough! Very clear and simple advice and treatment. Did not promise unrealistic results and did not try and make me pay for block load of treatments. Thanks
Adam Moss

I would never manage without the help of Lindsay she helps me so much with all my problems. .Thanks again xx

Vera Kirkby

I have been receiving treatment from Dr Beardsworth for some time now. As a competitive road cyclist, I find regular treatment and adjustment helps me keep comfortable and relaxed during competition and training rides. Dr Beardsworth’s advice for off the bike stretching and movement exercises has also been of great benefit. I could not recommend her treatment enough. Many thanks indeed. ????

S Foy