Salford Leading Chiropractor

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Online Booking

We have worked hard to find an online booking site that is easy to use and efficient


Salford Chiropractor

I am now the proud owner of Salford Chiropractic Clinic, the areas first Chiropractic Clinic setup in 1984.



St James House

8th Floor, Suite D

Pendleton Way


M6 5FW

Clinic Owner

Relocated to a Larger  Premises

Increased Treatment Space by 300%

Taken On Four new therapies

Online Booking now availiable

REDUCED the initial consulation cost

Triple Award Winning

Clinical Excellellence

Academic Excellence

Graduate Of The Year

100 Google Reviews

The Salford clinic has worked very hard and is proud to have the most Google reviews in the region! Check them out below


Why Choose me?

I am not one to boast but here are some reasons to come and see me.

Awards: I was the first chiropractor to be awarded three awards on qualifying from my degree.

Busy: I am most likely the busiest Chiropractor in the country, seeing anywhere from 150-190 patients a week

Reviews: Please feel free to google my name or Salford Chiropractic clinic or even my Facebook page to see what my many happy patients have to say.

Non Sales Driven: I do NOT book patients in for multiple sessions or pay upfront for bulk deals. I will only see patients for a small number of appointments.

Available: I am nearly always contactable through social media or email. I am happy to give my honest and impartial advice to help others.

Advice: I am keen to give back and I have and will continue to make youtube videos to help others with no pushy sales, just good advice for people.


What Can I treat?

Here are some of the conditions I am regularly consulted with.



Shoulder Issues 


Neck Pain 


General Aches 

Joint Pains 

Tension –

According to the CAP …..

Where am I?

I split my time between two clinics.

Salford Chiropractic Clinic:

I work Monday & Friday at this clinic.

Wilmslow Chiropractic Clinic: 

I am at Wilmsow clinic Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays.

Normal Working Hours:

Monday: 10.30 am- 9.00pm

Tuesday: 8.30am – 6.00pm

Wednesday: OFF to recover 😴

Thursday: 10.00am to 2.00pm

Friday: 10.00 to 2.00pm

Saturday: 8.00am to 4.00pm

Sunday: OFF ( Family time 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 )

N.B These are just typical weeks, please call or check our online booking in-case I am on annual leave. 

What Do I not do?

I am proffesional and NOT sales driven so I won’t be doing any of these…

X Ray for NO reason 

Bulk Treatment Plans 

Treat You If I am not confident in the outcome  

“I have got the reputation that I have by being honest, great at my job and not driven by money. I am here to help and not to take advantage. “

 Social Media Type?

If you’re on any of them then chances are so am I…. lets connect 👍 📲