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Lindsay Beardsworth

Lindsay Beardsworth


Some information about who I am and what made me the Chiropractor that I have become.

I am very lucky and fortunate to be amongst the busiest chiropractors in the country, seeing between 150-200 patients a week. I put this down to my love of Chiropractic and that I excelled at school, university and career and always listen to my patients needs.

I truly believe that if you are going to choose a career then you should be the best that you can be. 

I was the first Chiropractor in the U.K to be a triple award winning student in 2004.

My advise to patients is never to see any clinician more than four times unless they can feel good improvement.  Beware poor quality practitioners who ask you to sign up for 10 or more treatments… or who invite you back again and again for lots of treatments….  With expert diagnosis and treatment, it is simply not necessary.

Some information about my life


When I was 12 I sustained a serious back injury which caused me to undergo spinal surgery, unfortunatly this did not rectify the issue and only after this did I see a Chiropractor. I was amazed by the affect it had on my injury even though it would never reverse the damage surgery and injury had inflicted


As my husband always says… In a loving way, “your such a geek Lindsay”. Well that just about sums me up, I LOVE studying / learning and most of all helping my many pateints.


I am so proud that I was the first Chiropracor to be awarded triple awards on my degree, my hard work and dedication shone through and enabled me to start alongside the premier chiropractor Dr Scott Middleton at his Salford & Wilmslow Clinics straight out of university in 2004.

Patient Base:

I have developed and grown my patient base over the last 13+ years to become the busiest Chiropractor in the region seeing 150-190 patients a week. This I put down to my friendly manor, succesful treatment and ALWAYS thinking of the pateints need first.


We live in the lovely and ideally located areas of Bramhall with its amazing schools, short commutes and abundence of local shops.


I am blessed to be married to an amazing man called Adrian who now looks after all the “behind the scenes” aspects of the clinics. In 2009 we had our first child, a beautiful daughter “Olivia” and then “Eli” came along in 2012 to complete our small family.


In August 2017 I took over the Salford Chiropractic Clinic after 13 years of being associate, I still split my working week between the two clinics..


After many years at the Salford clinic I took the decision to move to our new clinic, the main reasons are listed below.


The old clinic had only one treatment room

The new clinic now has Three treatment rooms


The new clinic now has a large amount of FREE parking for our patients


The new clinic is located in the “well known” Salford land-mark of St James House


We have now become “fully digital” allowing online booking for our patients.

Multiple Disciplines:

I have long wanted and believed that Chiropractic can benefit from being surrounded by therapies that complement each other.

Established Private Therapists:

I am very proud and lucky to know and welcome on board

– Acupuncture –

– Pat Lally / Sports Massage Therapy –

– Lindsay Hill / Podiatrist –

Salford Chiropractic Clinic

External Entrance

Salford chiropractic clinic

Clinic Reception and Patient Waiting Area

Treatment Rooms

at Salford Chiropractic Clinic


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